Leonard has been in the cattle showing business since 1975. Vanek Cattle Services does  everything from start to finish. We will properly feed, halter break, prepare, transport, and  exhibit your animal to final show or sale. We do ask if you are able to show up that you can be  there to market your animal and operation. One of our goals is to professionally present your  animal to the public and the industry.   We halter break around 200 cattle every year. We attend around ten different shows, some examples are the Montana State Fair, Montana Fair, NILE, Denver Stock Show, Black Hills Stock Show, and Reno. Vanek Cattle Services has worked on cattle from at least ten different states. We also work with any and every breed. Vanek Cattle Services has fit and showed many champions at shows like the National Western Stock Show and a big variety of shows throughout Montana and Wyoming. Call us and we will advise you as to what is the best time to bring us your cattle to prepare  them for the event you wish to enter them in.